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Welcome to the Classroom Tandem website!

If you are interested in classroom tandem as a language teaching method in a school setting, this website is for you. On this website, you can find information about classroom tandem as a teaching method and about our projects Classroom Tandem and eClassroom Tandem.

In the ongoing eClassroom Tandem project (2015—2018), we are developing a tandem model of language learning and teaching for virtual learning environments. The virtual tandem model is used in the project for teaching the second national language in Finland: Swedish for Finnish native speakers and Finnish for Swedish native speakers. The eClassroom Tandem project is based on the information and experience gained from our award-winning project Classroom Tandem (2012—2015), which received the European Label from the Finnish National Board of Education in 2014.

Classroom tandem is...

Cooperation and collaboration over language barriers, meetings with students of the same age 

A wide range of activities, even in digital form, both spoken and written  

Face-to-face meetings or meetings in virtual learning environments 

Illustrations on this website: Janika Norrgård Löfqvist

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